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What Is Lifey-ness?


Lifey-ness means being filled with life.

It’s a word my former therapist used to say all the time. So no, I, unfortunately, cannot take credit for it.

It means immersion, connection, vitality, and engagement.

We all have lifey moments. You know them. They’re those moments when you feel more present in your existence. You’ve succeeded in escaping the inner chatter of your mind, and you find yourself purely in experience. That’s lifey-ness.

I strive to connect with lifey-ness as often as I can because I’ve found that it’s just about the most healing and joyful place for me to be.

Creating lifey moments has been a critical element in my recovery.

It means eating donuts with family and without thoughts of guilt.

It means hiking through Georgia mountains and feeling the soft ground under my feet (and not thinking of my calorie count).

It means doing cartwheels and handstands in the park.

It means eating a cheesecake out of a casserole dish for dinner on the floor of my apartment.

It means watching Broad City and cracking up with friends without thinking about the many other things I “should” be doing.

It means riding my bike to work and feeling the wind hit my face.

It means running my fingers through the soft, white fur of my cat’s underbelly.

Lifey-ness is every moment in which I feel like I am experiencing the fullness of my life rather than waiting for it to begin one day, which is how I lived for many years in my eating disorder.

And so, this blog documents my journey into lifey-ness and the things that bring me wholesome joy, connection, and wellness. Rediscovering a peaceful relationship with food and my body has been critical for me in connecting to my life and actually feeling like I am living it.

My goal is to help others connect with lifey moments and discover their authentic lifey-ness.

This blog will often discuss topics related to recovery and wellness, but I also want it to function as a general space for creativity, playfulness, adventures, and joy.


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